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[Chinese shoes Network - International News] Indonesia's Industry Minister Hidayat (MS Hidayat) proposal, sports goods manufacturer Nike (Nike) can build factories in Ardmore outside of Dedan Do (Jabodetabek) regions. Recently, Hidayat in Jakarta, said, "If you do not build factories in Ardmore Dedan area, may cause problems in the future, I propose Su Jia Wu Mei (Sukabumi) plant, they can in the Southern District of West Java or is in Central Java implementation. " Nike has committed, will China as the world's largest production base of Nik cheap jordans for sale mens e, Nike also has a variety of Nike products ordered Indonesian companies, mainly sports shoes, the majority of products for export and only 2% in the sale of my home. Hidayat claimed to have and Jeffy. Tony Jin Adams (Jeff Perkins) meeting, general manager of Nike in Indonesia, to discuss the Nike Indonesia as the world's largest production base and investment plans. "In principle, Jeffy. Tony Adams Tianjin also invested in our country quite satisfied." Jeffy. Tony Adams said Jin, since this direction, Nike has partnered with Indonesia at l Retro jordans for sale east 38 manufacturing companies, including sports footwear, including in Indonesia absorption of employees reached 175,000 people. at the last meeting, Jaffe also claimed, Nike promised to increase investment or order in Indonesia. "In this he was referring to increase investment in our country and to our country as one of the world's largest production base of Nike." However, Geoffrey also reminded the Indonesian government, Bineng improve labor regulations do not hinder investment climate, recently, many labor demonstrations activities th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping at have the potential to hinder industrial and production activities. Last year, the General Chairman of the Indonesian Footwear Association Eddie Charles Granville NACCO (Eddy Widjanarko) said some foreign investors spreader reach $ 1 billion in investment value in Indonesia's footwear industry (US $ 9 trillion rupiah), that because many local governments unilaterally raised the minimum wage regional (UMR). "At least 10 foreign-invested enterprises from Taiwan and Korea ductility investment and choose to wait and see attitude." He said the Retro jordans for sale fact that the investment has been planned since 2011, with a total investment of $ 1 billion, because a plant requires about $ 100 million in funding. Eddie explained that the problem began in Banten (Banten) government unilaterally decided, 30 percent of the region raised the minimum wage, it was due to labor union demonstrations and urged due. "Frankly, in terms of the industry that is a heavy burden." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network Cheap air jordans for sale - Brand Dynamics]! "Greenpeace warned chemical swimsuit" According to the German "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" reported on the 28th, the world's leading environmental organization "Greenpeace" on the 27th in A sportswear survey showed Hamburg, including Nike, Adidas, Puma and other internationally renowned sports brand swimwear fabrics containing chemical substances harmful to human health. The organization claims that, almost more than half of that inspection swimsuit fluorine chemical substances in products, by testing the product 4/5 contain alky Cheap air jordan 12 ovo l phenol ethoxylates, the problem is most serious is that children swimsuit. Greenpeace said fluorine chemicals can lead to infertility, damage to the immune system and the endocrine system, and these international big swimsuit not marked these harmful ingredients. Allegedly, since many of these sports apparel production in China, China's environmental pollution, especially water pollution is very serious. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand cheap jordan shoes for men network.) the woman's shoe is never missing a pair of high-heeled shoes, but in this special holiday, please empty your usual 'suffer' feet, occasionally let your shoes also relax. Today, we recommend both beautiful and the trend of the 8 models sneaker. New, Balance 9968 If a movie the achievements of a pair of shoes, also "spoil" the words of a pair of shoes that would be taken in 2012 the volunteers with the spring charming inside Shawn feet of new balance 996 the. 996 as one of the most classic NB shoe type, by virtue of its classic shoes a cheap foamposites nd long shoes on the feet after Shawn Yue, all of a sudden become fashionable trend of hot pursuit, but also gained a large number of female fans of all. As for the "ruin" because the popularity is too high, resulting in almost each cabinet has a pair of NB shoes. in the goddess's day this special day, a small series of P.V.S. recommended this recently released only x New Balance 996 women's joint exclusive color. P.V.S is a well-known Leftfoot Singapore tide shop's first female brand exclusive shops, encourage all girls continue to explore the cheap jordans for sale pleasures of life, freedom and self definition. The New Balance and P.V.S joint Department of the Milky Way shoes on the theme. Panchromatic pastel renderings of the shoe body to create a colorful Galaxy treacherous atmosphere; classic black n words are marked with blue green crochet, showing a strong contrast. Shoes at 996 three digital is named "9alactic 9irls" 6rigade ", meaning the tribute to women's autonomy and freedom and equality, which is P.V.S has been advocated since the establishment of the concept of. 7, Vans SK8 HISk8-Hi is one o cheap jordans online f the most classic type of shoes under the banner of Vans Vans witnessed the growth of the brand history, also carrying the Vans brand shoes manufacturing innovation. It is the simple but never monotonous style, and wear matching in all kinds of activities, Sk8-Hi by the majority of Vans lovers welcome. this is an important day of the 50 anniversary of the birth of its brand, Vans will bring a wave of new SK8-Hi this year. In the festival of the goddess, the editor is for everyone to recommend this very girl wind vans Sk8-Hi "Whispering Pink Girls exclusive color, designers use tender pink tone to create a shoe body, supplemented by a white side logo and trademark vulcanization outer bottom and. Very few female breath. 6, Vans Slip OnIn 1977 the first Vans Slip-On shoes, Slip-On is the first.Berlin in Germany at the Bread & Butter; trend show everywhere can see many big surprise, of course including the help Adidas Original from the spring and summer of this year had to create a series of surprise joint designer Jeremy Scott are popular for fans for its large eyes full of Fu works. Of course, in addition to the appearance of exaggerated fascinating, with the classic Adidas three standard Logo absolute full topic. And next year to advance in front of the world, always scared the design a Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear to let Tactic bear for the protagonist, this year to continue once the concept of Mickey shoes, constantly keep tongue is always more beautiful creation, in addition to the innovative design of luminous, the rest of the including the wings and other elements can also use this inspiration as nano fundus, the spring and summer of 2011 Jeremy Scott to see the preview today. in the year of the massive Air Jordan new Nike cited a lot of Japanese fashion elements, Talasite wave, leather rattan, Teng Yuan Hao played with the. To build a successful rattan version of Air Jordan 1, Nike for it with a suite of AIR JORDAN PHLY LEGEND PREMIER brother WOVEN. the shoes originally planned in the spring (April) for sale, can not see the figure, finally the recent Japanese individual store shelves. Summer with such rattan shoes is really good, feet that call a cool......

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